RonRaj Heart By Heart

Soft for cuddling but very sure in herself outside. Good worker and steady in field. Completley trustful in everyday life. A true star in the ring with lots of carisma and style. Perfect in every way! And my shadow on every move.

The only black girl from H litter, born last – our 7th dwarf! She is perfect in everything she does. Unstoppable and with enourmous amount of energy but still very easy to handle. Very useful dog in all aspects!

Poležena | Born on:


Zdravje | Health:

HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, eyes clear, gonio free

Razstavni dosežki | Shows:

CH.J.SLO - Slovenska mladinska prvakinja v lepoti
CH.SLO - Slovenska prvakinja v lepoti

Delovni dosežki | Work:

PNZ (natural ability test for young retrievers on cold game) with full points & I.prize class;
national hunting test for retrievers (LP-P) with 2nd place & 1st prize class (142/152) - R.CACT at age of 17 months


CH Flatterhaft Rebell Yell
HD A, ED 0, PL 0
CH Miss Mallorys Alternative to Black

HD A, ED 0
CH Flatterhaft Stainless Steel
CH Miss Mallorys One in A Million
Flatterhaft Gevalia Passion

HD A, ED 0
CH Flatterhaft Cool Cat
Duckpond Japanese Ikura
CHJ RonRaj Enormous Temptation
HD A, ED 0, PL 0
Cuiviénen Aatami
HD A, ED 0, PL 0
CH Flat Garden's Andrew XII
CH Salasana Final Time
CH RonRaj Crazy Or Brilliant
HD A, ED 0, OCD free
CH Withybed Texas Ranger
CH Mirax Winona Daily News