Rona was my first flatcoated. Like it is often said - she was my "once in a lifetime dog" and she is the reason why RonRaj kennel exists. She was all that I could ever wished for. She was a faithful friend, reliable working dog and super succesful show star. She was my black shadow - wherever I was, she was there too. She was a beautiful part of my life for more that 13 years. I still miss her every day.

Born on: 21.3.2001 - 11.7.2014
Health: HD: A1/A1 ; ED: 0/0
2x Best junior, Junior club winner, 32x CAC, multi club winner, 6x CACIB, 3x r.CACIB, 19x BOB, 3x BOB veteran 2x BIG 2nd place, 4x BIG 3rd place, 1x BIS working dog, 3x BIS 3rd place, 1x BIS 3 veteran, 1x BIS 2 veteran, 1x BIS veteran, 1x BIS

Work: WORKING TRIAL CERTIFICATE (TP-R;;; 10/2003), ISP-B - 92% (11/2003), B-BH (6/2004)
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Multi & Int.Ch.
Almanza Highway Robbery

SE UCH FI UCH Blackpicks King of Spade
FI UCH Klokker´┐Żsen's Asarija
FI UCH Blackpicks Heartbreaker
SE V-99 SE U(U)CH FI UCH Almanza Heavenly Connection
WW-98 NORD V-99 NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Something to Talk About
NORD V-96 DK UCH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Heaven Or Hell
Notturno del Corbezzolo
Hallbent Harvest Star
Gunhills Gullviva
Melly Mimojska
CH Shargleam Eagle Owl
Corin v.Felsbach