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flat coated retrievers

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For more informations or reservations please contact me.

To make my decision easier please tell me more about yourself, about the enviorment in which the new puppy will be living, more about your earlier experiences with dogs and about your purpose with your planned puppy.

Poleti 2021 pricakujemo mladicke!
We expect puppies in Summer 2021!
Visit our puppy site to follow our litters.

Purchasing A Puppy From Us

Our puppies are bred with love and care to every detail. Puppies in our kennel are raised in a household environment and are therefore used to the doorbell,hoover,telephone,people laughing and everyday noises. They are handled and socialised since the moment of birth. We are ALWAYS at the end of a telephone for the new owners, 24 hours a day! If you are worried or concerned call us! I bred "your" puppy and as the breeder I am committed to the dog's welfare and well being. Please keep in contact and let me know how the pup is doing, I love them as much as you do. 

As a guarantee for you as well for us, we ask for a down payment when the puppies are born. At the right time you are ofcourse welcome to visiting your puppy. The puppy is - of course - examined by a veterinary, ID-marked, dewormed, registered with pedigree. Food-list, advice and information comes with it! When you come to bring your puppy home you will also get some amouth of food that the puppy is bred on and used to.