She is a daughter from second litter of our beloved Rona. I had big plans with her. I mated her with Multi Ch.Flat Garden's Arthur XII in 2010 but unfortunatly she didn't stay pregnant. She was mated quite late and later on it was too late for having first litter. I am very sorry about that, since I was hoping to keep Rona's line in breeding... So Chaya stayed a loving family member until she sadly passed away very unexpectedly in June 2015. It was a shock for all of us and she will be sadly missed forever...

Born on: 13.5.2006 - 24.6.2015
Breeder: Kennel RonRaj

HD: A ; ED: 0 ; OCD free

Work: PNZ

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Moonstruck Rumble Fish
HD: A, ED: 0, PL: 0,
Eyes: HC/PRA/RD clear
KBH V-00 NORD UCH INT UCH Moonstruck Blind Man's-Buff
HD free, eyes free (PRA carrier)
NO UCH Aniara's Gilbert / HD free
Moonstruck Kickstart My Heart / HD free, ED 0, Eyes ok
SE UCH DK UCH INT UCH Moonstruck Negative
HD free, ED 0, Eyes free
SE V-00 NORD V-01 KBH V-01 FI V-01 NO UCH FI UCH Comics Acapulco / HD free, eyes free
SE U(U)CH Almanza Lagonda Rapide at Ryegate / HD free, Eyes CLEAR
Multi & Int.Ch

HD: A, ED: 0
Multi & Int.Ch. Almanza Highway Robbery
SE UCH FI UCH Blackpicks King of Spade / HD free
SE V-99 SE U(U)CH FI UCH Almanza Heavenly Connection / HD free, eyes ok
Notturno del Corbezzolo
Melly Mimojska