The only black girl from H litter, born last - our 7th dwarf! She is perfect in everything she does. Unstoppable and with enourmous amount of energy but still very easy to handle. Very useful dog in all aspects!

Born on: 28.2.2016
Health: HD: A ; ED: 0 ; PL: 0 ; eyes: clear incl.gonio
Work: PNZ (natural ability test for young retrievers on cold game) with full points & I.prize class; national hunting test for retrievers (LP-P) with 2nd place & 1st prize class (142/152) - R.CACT at age of 17 months!

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SK Junior Club Winner'15, CH.J.SK Flatterhaft Rebell Yell
HD A, ED 0, PL 0, eyes clear incl.gonio
Miss Mallorys Alternative to Black

HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes clear
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Flatterhaft Stainless Steel / HD A, ED 0, PL 0
SE U(U)CH Miss Mallorys One in A Million / HD B, ED 0
Flatterhaft Gevalia Passion
HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes clear
SE VCH SE U(U)CH FI UCH Flatterhaft Cool Cat / HD A, ED 0
Duckpond Japanese Ikura / HD A, ED 0
RonRaj Enormous Temptation
HD A, ED 0, PL 0, Eyes clear incl.gonio
Cuiviénen Aatami
HD: A, ED: 0, PL: 0, Eyes clear incl. gonio
FIN LV RUS EST CH Flat Garden's Andrew XII / HD A, ED 0, PL 0
CH VDH Salasana Final Time / HD A, ED 0, PL 0
CH.J.SLO RonRaj Crazy Or Brilliant
HD: A, ED: 0, OCD: free, Eyes clear
BH FIN CH Withybed Texas Ranger / HD A/B, ED 0, PL 0
Multi & Int.Ch Mirax Winona Daily News / HD A, ED 0, PL 0