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flat coated retrievers

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A Few Words About Us

My "story" started with my first dog, a golden retriever bitch named Raja, in 1994. For many years we were best friends and she told me many secrets from dog-world. In the beggining of 2008, little before she would turn 14 years, I had to let her go. But she is staying with me forever. She was a very important part of my life, my love for dogs started with her and she will always stay in my heart.

My first flatcoated bitch was my Rona. She joined us in 2001. She is a special dog for a special moments and with a special place in my heart. She is that once in a lifetime dog, when you know you will never again meet another one like her.

And this is how my kennel, my big dream, got the name. After my two loves - Rona and Raja.


RonRaj kennel is a small kennel, breeding about a litter per year. I breed flatcoats out of love. I only breed a litter if I am sure it will bring something good to the breed itself.

I plan each combination carefully. My goal is to breed healthy, good looking flatcoats with tipical temperament and working abilities. And because I want to have a personal contact with each of my dogs I can't have too many of them at home. My dogs are on the other hand my family dogs, living in close contact with me. Puppies are bred in family enviorment and I dedicate a big part of my time and energy in their socialization.

But my breeding plans would not become reality without my wonderful coowners. I am thankful to all of them to understand me and my passion for flatcoats, to aprecciate my work, to help me come true my wishes and to support my breeding and showing. And a big thanks goes also to all the wonderful owners who put so much trust in me to take RonRaj puppy to their home and to their heart! And thank you all who are helping me from the 'back' - without you I could not make it.


All of you who are interested in the breed I own, want to know more or maybe looking for a puppy or a stud dog, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will gladly answer all of your questions or just share my big love for flatcoats. If you want to become a member of our big 'family' you are also welcome to contact me. Every now and then we are looking a coowner for a promissing puppy and right people are always welcome!