Aaron is handsome and naughty young boy. Slow to mature, just like his mother Toffee, was not shown much in the young age. But he put himself together with age and some shows are definitely in our plan for him soon. He is still a big child in his head too, so it's never boring with him by your side. A true flatcoat!

Born on: 19.6.2015
Health: HD A; ED 0, eyes clear
Work: VPR
Available for mating, for aproved bitches only!
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Caci's Hit The Road Jack

HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: clear incl.gonio
IE CH GB CH Clandrift Dark Legend
GB SHCH Vbos The Tycoon
Blackshyne Summer Melody at Clandrift
SE U(U)CH JWW-08 Caci's Strip and Tease
HD A, Eyes clear
NORD V-07 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Branchalwood Aylancoll / HD A
SE U(U)CH Caci's Helen Chadwick / HD A
Ch.J. RonRaj Dare To Be Chocolate
HD: A, ED: 0, PL 0, Eyes: clear incl.gonio
Twilight Star's Naughty Chocolate Dream
HD: A, ED: 0, Eyes: HC/PRA/RD clear
Camwood Brown First Class Ticket / HD A, ED 0, PL 0
CH Huntllover's First Chocolate Caramel / HD A, ED 0, PL 0
RonRaj Collecting Kisses
HD: B, ED: 0, Eyes: HC/PRA/RD clear
CH Withybed Texas Ranger / HD B/A, ED 0, PL 0
CH.Mirax Winona Daily News / HD A, ED 0, PL 0